Each Business Package can be adjusted to your company!

You can choose number of gifts, presents price and leave it all to our magic.

Perfect Surprise creates surprise business gifts and organizes surprise events for your company. We suggest ideas, design gifts, create ways for delivering them and organize everything needed.

Our Agency makes gifts for your partners, clients, employees and their kids and organizes a number of unusual company events (conferences, team building, New Year celebration, company anniversary, celebration for a job well done, March 8th etc.). These are so called “tailor-made” gifts whose main element is surprise. Gift is everything- product, experience, remembrance, feeling, emotion.

You should choose the person you want to make happy or tell us what you want us to organize and Perfect Surprise will take over all the responsibilities and provide you “turnkey” service.

BIZ 2 2 110 EUR 1 50 EUR
BIZ 3 3 165 EUR 1 75 EUR
BIZ 4 4 220 EUR 1 100 EUR
BIZ 5 5 275 EUR 2 125 EUR
BIZ 6 6 330 EUR 2 150 EUR
BIZ 7 7 385 EUR 2 175 EUR

If we organize more than 10 surprises for you


If we organize more than 30 surprises for you

Every package includes:

creation of personalized surprise package with 2-7 surprises hidden in it (depending on package you have chosen)

right to change or replace one or two surprises (depending on package you have chosen)

putting together Surprise Chest (PDF document)

you decide how much to spend on gifts, minimum price is shown in the table

realization of Surprise package on the bases of turnkey concept (PS organizes everything on your behalf)

What is included in the package price?

Package price is the price of service that Perfect Surprise provides to you. The price includes:

design of 2-7 surprises (surprises can include material gifts, services, experiences etc), i.e. surprises are deliberately designed for selected person/persons (clients, employees, business partners);

putting together Surprise Chest (it is PDF document we mail to you) containing the details of each surprise (detailed description, dimensions, color, material, manufacturer’s name, weight, description of personalization, description of gift wrapping, photo/photos of the gift and price of each present or service);

consultations with the client/company if he/she wants to make some changes to the surprises designed by our creative team;

work with suppliers regarding order, creating, personalization and delivery of all the gifts;

wrapping and branding (if you wish) of all the gifts;

taking photos of all the gifts before and after wrapping and sending the photos to the client to have a look;

delivery of Surprise Package to the agreed location in the agreed time and in a way that is agreed with the client.

The package price does not include your additional requests, the price of a present (e.g. perfume, toy etc) and services (e.g. dinner, renting a boat).

What is the price of the present?

The gift price is added to the price of Perfect Surprise Package you have chosen (BIZ2, BIZ3, BIZ4…). You set up the budget for gifts and we are bound to take care that the cost of all the surprises i.e. gifts for the person you have selected does not exceed your budget. The only limitation is minimum cost – it varies from 50 EUR to 175 EUR depending on the package and number of surprises.

If your total budget for the surprise is e.g. 200 EUR and you have chosen BIZ 2 Package (that costs 110 EUR), we will design and realize surprise with present pricing less than 90 EUR.

Three steps lead you to Perfect Surprise:

Step 1: You contact us and we send you questionnaire that contains questions about person we make surprise for and about the kind of surprise. (If you don’t want to fill in the questionnaire, you can give us these information in telephone conversation or have a coffee with our Smiles’ consultant.) During this process, you will choose the kind of surprise you want and package that suits you.

Step 2: You need to pay minimum 50% of the cost of the package you have chosen (Standard, Premium or Emergency Aid) and then we will email you Surprise Chest (PDF document) with proposal of all surprises, detailed description, photos, manufacturer’s name and gift prices. Depending on the package you have chosen, you can change or replace certain number of elements. Upon your approval, we will start preparing the surprise –
purchasing gifts and services, personalization of each gift, gift wrapping, taking photos before and after wrapping…

Step 3: After we have coordinated all the elements of the surprise, you need to pay remaining 50% of the package price, as well as the full price of the gift you have chosen. (If it is provided by us) These payments must be made at least seven days before realization of the surprise (Unless special gifts are in question, which implies that advance payment is needed.), i.e. at least 72 hours before the realization of Emergency Aid Package. Gifts can differ, as an example we can specify the standard ones such as perfumes, toys, flowers, technical equipment etc. In cooperation with our partners, we will certainly make favorable offers for these gifts and services as well. We realize Perfect Surprise on the principals of turnkey concept and your loved one and you enjoy yourselves.

Some of the occasions for a perfect business present

Bussiness Perfect Surprise


Sometimes it is hard to think of good present for a client and you want to thank him/her for loyalty, long-lasting cooperation or you need to give them present that will show him/her that you want to stay close in the future.

Instead of boring bottles, ties, diaries and tiring dinners, give him/her Perfect Surprise. They will enjoy like never before and the tone of your gift will be businesslike.

Bussiness Perfect Surprise


It is always difficult to choose presents for colleagues – how to send congratulations message and stay businesslike?
What does that person like?

Presents for bosses are nightmare… What message it sends, does he/she like it, what does he/she think of it etc. You can’t go wrong with Perfect Surprise.

Bussiness Perfect Surprise


Good business requires fostering good relationships with employees or business partners. If you remember their birthdays and give them presents created especially for them, you “bought them” for lifetime.

You don’t know what to give to someone you don’t know very well. Do not worry. We are here to solve your problem and make a wonderful birthday surprise.

Bussiness Perfect Surprise


Retirement and saying goodbyes to colleagues is hard for everyone. You should thank future retiree for all his/her efforts and years of work and contribution to the company.

Perfect Surprise will organize it for you and we are sure that person who leaves the company will cherish the memories of this event for ever, as well as the original gift you will give her/him as a token of appreciation that will always remind him/her of the company.

Bussiness Perfect Surprise


After certain years in the company, company thanks employees for their loyalty, dedication and good work done. Everyone knows in advance that they will get appreciation plaque, a watch and a cheque for certain sum of money.

You want to be different and you want people to talk about you. We will take care of it. You will be original and your employees will have nothing but praise for you.

Bussiness Perfect Surprise


You want to reward somehow the most valuable worker or the most productive employee? However, you don’t know how to delight him/her and at the same time motivate the others in the company follow the same path…

Perfect Surprise is there for you! We will create a completely personalized surprise for your Superman, but in such way to make other colleagues see what they might expect soon if they do their best. We can also involve other colleagues in the surprise in order to raise team spirit. Imagine what kind of benefits it can bring…

Bussiness Perfect Surprise


Your boss has got new baby granddaughter? Your colleague has got a baby boy? The wedding of your colleague’s daughter will be soon? We can create gift surprises for all private events that spread over your office!

Your colleagues will enjoy it, as well as their loved ones who are cause for joy…

Bussiness Perfect Surprise


You want to attract particular expert to your firm? You know that he/she is having second thoughts and that your financial offer is not the only thing that will help him decide?

Perhaps you are headhunting agency trying to show top manager the reason to accept the offer and go to another company?

Perfect Surprise will make every effort to make your gift surprise be the little thing that makes big difference… Just imagine impression your company will make after such a gift. He/she will be your most loyal employee!

Bussiness Perfect Surprise


You buy a surprise voucher for a business partner, a client, a colleague, a boss, and together we choose and create a surprise. You or we donate a voucher, and its recipient has 45 days to use it.

You can contact us to find out about all the details.