Dear Sir/Madame ,

The purpose of this questionnaire is to collect as many data as possible about person/persons we are preparing the surprise for. In order to make our Perfect Surprise Package tailored to your beloved person, we ask you to fill in all the information you know. Even when you think that your information are not important, they help us know better person/persons we should make happy.. If we make surprise for two or more persons (e.g. two business partners, a number of colleagues…) at the same time, fill out the questionnaire for each of them separately. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t know answers to some questions, it is natural. Leave it blank. We guarantee you that this surprise will bring you closer to the person/persons you decided to make happy and give you two additional opportunities to know each other better.

All the data we collect are being stored in accordance with strict procedures and can’t be used for other purposes than those connected to this business. We will never share with third parties your data or data about person we organize surprise for.

You have got a set of questions in front of you, some of them are related to the person/persons we are making surprise for, and some are related to the surprise itself. You need to spend only fifteen minutes of your time, and you should leave all the rest to us. You can fill out this PDF form directly online.

If it is easier for you, you can share these data with us by phone calling +381 69 31 01 277 or send us email on [email protected] in whatever form you like.

You can also talk personally to our Smiles’ Consultant if you prefer it that way.

Yours Surprise Team