If these rules are not applicable in certain situations,
we will find best solution for everyone!

1. If the event is in less than five (5) days, Emergency Aid Package is ideal for you. It consists of four or seven different surprises and proposal of surprise is made within 24 hours period starting from the moment you gave us the data. The price of this package is the price of the chosen package plus 40% (E.g. The price of Mini Package is 140 EUR, plus 40%, so the price of Emergency Aid Mini Package is 198 EUR).


2. The Package price is the price of PS Agency service which includes the creation of Surprise Chest, gift wrapping, taking photos of the gifts, work with suppliers, delivery of the package… The Package price does not include the price of the present (E.g. wine, watch) and services (E.g. spa centre, boat rental).


3. The price of the present is added to the price of the chosen package (Mini, Standard, Premium, Emergency Aid Standard, Emergency Aid Premium). The only limitation is minimum budget for the present, which is 55 EUR for Mini Package, 105 EUR for Standard Package and 175 EUR for Premium Package. These amounts represent minimum value, because it is not possible to create four (4) or seven (7) personalized gifts for less than 25 EUR per gift.


4. Mentioned package prices are valid for PS Agency services on the territory of Belgrade. The price of services out of Belgrade is 70 EUR higher for every 100km, because our agents come to the location twice (when designing a surprise and then for the realisation).


5. PS Agency also makes and delivers surprises for abroad. The price of organising and delivery depends on the location at which the surprise will be realised or delivered and we can not guarantee the correct delivery time due to customs clearance, as well as the amount of the custom tax.


6. If you live abroad and you want to make happy someone who lives in Serbia, we can organise a surprise. We can make all arrangements by email, Viber or phone and you will make payment to our foreign currency account.


7. After you fill out the questionnaire and before you get Surprise Chest, it is necessary to pay 50% of the total price of service in order to cover the costs of creative work on detailed design of gifts and making of Surprise Chest that contains description of prices, manufacturers, materials, colors, weight, description of personalization and wrapping and photos of gifts…


8. All mentioned prices are gross prices. Individuals and companies from Republic of Serbia should make payments in dinars, while payments from abroad should be made in EUR/USD.


9.  It is necessary to pay the other half of the invoice amount seven days before the event because PS Agency pays for all the gifts on your behalf, does not raise gift prices and doesn’t make profit on gifts. It is therefore important that the costs be settled at the time of purchase.


10. Depending on package (Standard or Premium), you have right to replace one (1) or two (2) gifts. In order to be satisfied with the first offer of PS Agency creative team, it is important that you fill out the questionnaire in detail, so that surprise fits recipient’s personality best. It is also possible to change more gifts/surprises and it costs additional 25 EUR per surprise. The change of details of the surprise (e.g. change of colour) is not charged.


11. PS offers four kinds of vouchers- Surprise Voucher, Secret, Super Secret and Business Surprise Voucher. Person you love/ business partner/ client/ colleague can use it in 45-day period from the moment of delivery.


12. If you have to cancel the realisation of surprise due to unforeseen circumstances, justified or extremely objective reasons, PS will be cooperative and find compromise solution. In this case, you don’t pay the price of the gift and the other half of the price of PS service. However, PS will keep the first part of payment because of effort put into making of Surprise Chest.


13. PS is also full of understanding in cases of postponement of surprises for a shorter period of time, due to comprehensible circumstances. As long as we can guarantee your gift price (which depends on the supplier), we will be glad to organize your surprise at some other time. In this case, PS service price will change depending on how much in advance you have informed us about it:

  • more than seven (7) working days before the event- PS service price is not increased;
  • minimum seven (7) days before the event- the price is increased by 10% of total cost of PS services;
  • six (6) to four (4) days before the event- the price is increased by 40% of total cost of PS services;
  • one (1), two (2) or three (3) days before the event- the price is increased by 90% of total cost of PS services.


14. If it is necessary to postpone the event due to force majeure (earthquake, hail, storms, death), PS does not additionally charge its own service, you will only be charged the costs incurred until that moment (if any).


15. In case of the postponement of the event, PS does not charge an extra fee for gifts (except in case of perishable goods and services – e.g. cake).


16. In addition to the basic packages, PS offers business packages for companies. Business offer includes packages Biz 2, Biz 3, Biz 4, Biz 5, Biz 6 and Biz 7 containing two (2) to seven (7) gifts. In these packages, as in all other packages, you set up the budget for gifts, but minimum budget for gifts is 50 EUR for BIZ 2 and for each following package it is increased by 25 EUR. So, minimum budget for gifts in business packages varies from 50 EUR to 175 EUR (Biz 2 – Biz 7).


17. PS charges an extra fee for secret agent service and it increases price of chosen package by 25%. Secret agent service with Standard Package is 275 EUR, it is 425 EUR with Premium Package, with Emergency Aid Standard Package it is 385 EUR and with Emergency Aid Premium Package 595 EUR.