There are no ready-made solutions in Perfect Surprise!

This is how we surprised a manager with our Business Package…


Business Surprise, Package Biz 4

Srđan’s colleague Marina calls us in panic, because she just learned he is leaving their Belgrade office next week. Srđan has been in the company for 10 years and has just told everyone in the team he is moving to work in Vienna offices within the same company.

Occasions for the surprise are numerous – in 9 days, Srđan celebrates his jubilee in the company, and only a day later he will be packing his suitcases and with his wife Nataša, he will move to Vienna. In addition, this was a very successful business year for Srđan and his team.

What we learned from Srđan’s colleagues about this successful manager:

Srđan is 38 years old and has been happily married to Nataša for 8 years. She worries about how she will manage in a new city, because she is extremely tied to Serbia, our culture, language, customs and media (same as him)
Srđan is ambitious, slightly narcissistic, talkative, organised, witty and very active
He can not live without his job, Serbian coffee and bars, and his wish is to have his vineyards and produce his wine (which is also his favorite drink)
His buzzword “to infinity”
Whenever he is upset at work, he blames Serbian business conditions for it and says that he will start his own business in Germany one day (this topic has already become the target of various jokes in the company), and possibly even publish a book about it
His whole life, he dreams about flying a sports plane, but he never has the time for this
Golf is his hobby, and he loves going to the spa
He likes tambourines, favourite colour is dark blue, favourite sweet chocolate cookies
Reads only business books

Srđan’s colleagues gave us the following instructions:

The total budget for the surprise is 1100 EUR (440 EUR for Perfect Surprise fee and 660 EUR for gifts).
All the colleagues from his team decided to participate and share the costs!
The surprise should be relaxed and a bit sarcastic
Srđan’s team, which has 28 people, should in some way be a part of the surprise

Srđan is not a fan of social media, and our team didn’t manage to find additional information

In addition to the gifts designed for Srđan, Perfect Surprise decided that his wife Nataša will also receive a gift that will bring some magic in her life and celebrate this important life decision (going abroad).

Srđan’s colleagues received the Surprise chest (PDF document in an e-mail), with the possibility to change two surprises if they wish. The prices of gifts are exactly those specified by the supplier. Perfect surprise does not raise the cost of a gift and does not earn on them.

In this case, all the presents cost 632 EUR, less than the indicated budget.

Surprise Chest for Srdjan Jovic


Srđan’s surprise begins on February 24th, on the 10th anniversary of his work at the company. His boss, Jovan, scheduled a meeting at 12PM in the meeting room. The closest colleagues know what the real reason is, while Srđan and the others have no idea what’s about to happen …

Srđan’s Premium package contains the following seven surprises:

1. Presentation with photos, messages and memories that reflect Srđan’s 10 years of work in the company
2. Wine branded with Srđan’s “important things” (tambourine, golf, plane, money) and with the label Srđan Jović
3. Coffee gift with personalised cups
4. Set of book: Business Plan for Untrained, Self-Boss, Money Laundering, German Serbian Business Dictionary and a Personalised Book “100 Ideas for Srđan and Nataša in Vienna”
5. Panoramic flight in a sports plane
6. Sweet gift with chocolate cookies with messages for Srđan
7. Support vouchers

The price of wrapping and delivery is included in the final price. Details of each individual surprise, including prices:


We decided to connect the celebration of Srđan’s anniversary and his transfer from Belgrade to the Vienna office. Therefore, on the day of his 10th anniversary, Srđan has a big meeting in the conference room with his boss and a large number of colleagues. Only the closest ones know what is being prepared. Thanks to them, Perfect Surprise has received a large number of photos and information that were gathered over the past 10 years of work and made a presentation that summarises this previous period. There are memories of successes, falls, events, clients, associates, jokes, plans – successes and failures etc …

The 3 minute presentation has a musical background and begins immediately after the “meeting” starts.

The price includes presentation design services, photo and audio editing.
Price: 100 EUR


Since he always wanted to become a wine producer, part of the surprise for Srđan was a bottled red wine with the inscription: Srđan Jović, with drawings of all his special little things: a plane, tambourine, golf, money.

The wine is presented to Srđan at the end of the presentation, in a chest.

Price includes label design, ten 0.75 l bottles of red wine and wine chest.
Price: 100 EUR


As Srđan enjoys the ritual of drinking Serbian coffee with his wife, the next gift he gets are two handmade porcelain cups with plates, with their names, along with 1 kg of Srđan’s favourite coffee. An inscription also goes with the gift: “Even abroad, your day can start with something from back home“.

Price refers to: two porcelain cups, two plates and personalisation.
Price 120 EUR


As this surprise needs to carry a dose of sarcasm, the gifts that Srđan gets at the end of the presentation contain 5 books. The topic of the books is management and the start of one’s own business, but also money laundring etc. The kit contains the following books: Business Plan for Untrained, Self-Boss, Money Laundering, German Serbian Business Dictionary.

As the fifth book, Srđan gets a 100-page “single copy book” with the title: “100 Ideas for Srđan and Nataša in Vienna”. For each of the first 10 days in the new country, the book gives one idea for an interesting activity that Nataša and Srđan can practice in their new city. Each sentence is written on one page, while the rest of the page is reserved for their impressions.

“Today is the perfect day for visiting a Serbian coffee shop in Vienna; Today is the perfect day for creating a list of Austrian wineries for a tour; Today is the perfect day for…“

The prologue for the book:

“Dear Srđan,

We’ve been through so much together for 10 years, so we should write a book about it!

But this time we decided for another type of book. This copy could be categorised as a travel journal.

Although we will miss you a lot, we wish you and Nataša a wonderful life in your new city. We know that every beginning is difficult, so we figured out how to be part of your new road.
For the first 100 days in your new life, take a peak into this book every day and see where it takes you. And you can also write your impressions in it.
When you fill it, you should come to Belgrade for coffee to tell us about the most interesting adventures.

All the best in your new chapter,


The book cover has a photo of Srđan and Nataša, photoshopped in Vienna.

Price includes five books.
Price 170 EUR


Srđan’s departure from the Belgrade office and going into the world symbolises his flight to the new life chapter, so it is logically connected with his life dream – to fly a sports plane.

At the end of the presentation and greetings with colleagues, Srđan is approached by a driver who takes him to a sports airport in Belgrade. There is an ultralight plane waiting for him. The pilot who will show him the beauty of the city in a 30-minute flight. At his seat, within the plane, there is a letter: “Let your flight be comfortable and exciting. Thank you for the wonderful 10 years! We look forward to your new successes. Your team “

Price includes transportation to the airport by Perfect Surprise branded car, 30- minute flight service and flight video.
Price: 130 eur


After leaving the plane, Srđan gets another gift: chocolate cookies on which different messages are written: Happy journey, Thank you for everything, our Captain, There’s no place like home…

The price applies to 6 cookies in the package.
Price 12 EUR


At the bottom of the chocolate box, Srđan will also find 5 vouchers that his colleagues made for him. Each is made separately, with the appropriate picture and inscription:

Issued by: Dream Team
Recipient: Srđan Jović
Deadline: The voucher is valid to the infinity.

Vouchers are for:

  • Assistance in business for 2h (when times get rough with new colleagues)
  • Hearing all about your new life abroad, for 1 hour
  • Help attending some business in Belgrade Srđan cannot attend to
  • Gossip about new colleagues (without limitation)
  • Sending cookies from Aca the Baker, when you have a craving in Vienna

The price applies to the design and printing of five vouchers.
Price 20 EUR

Total price of the gift 632 EUR
Package price 440 EUR

The total budget available to colleagues was EUR 1100 and all seven elements of Perfect Surprise suggestions remained within the given budget.

You’ve probably been wondering since the beginning of the story, what is our gift to Srđan’s dear wife who decided to follow him on this path into the unknown ….

We decided to give her an annual subscription to her favourite magazine that will be delivered at her new Vienna address. This way, a part of Serbia that she likes so much will come to her regularly …

This is what one of our surprises looks like. Yours will look completely different, depending on what kind of person we are preparing the gifts for. There are no ready-made gifts, solutions and ideas. Everything is created for you!

Let us know who to make happy on your behalf 😉