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Once again a huuuge thanks for everything. Christina’s 18th birthday was really perfect, original and different, just like we wanted. A big thanks as well for your perfect mom surprise and all other little inexpected details that made this birthday unforgettable for all of us.

Snježana Pavićević, Belgrade


Just as their surprises are perfect, the same goes for for their business attitude. Exceptional profesionalism, attention to detail, with lots of smiles and fun and the most important thing of all – zero stress. Trully perfect. The smiling team is very flexible and you really feel secure with their can-do attitude. This is one of those deals in which all parties, and I mean all parties, end up feeling truly happy.

Maša Lalić
Human resources and organisational director
Generali insurance Serbia


Once again I thank you for everything! Your kindness, professionalism, but above all creativity! I am really impressed!

Sanja, Belgrade


I was invited to the Schrack Technik Flying Day in Beograd this year, the event was organized from Perfect Surprise. And I was really impressed. What I have seen was a perfect event, well done in the conception, professional in the settlement, perfect in the timing. Like our company style was the feeling well adapted to our customers. Also the pre event activities like invitation and registration was well done and especially – from my point of view same importance like the event himself – the after event communication was well thought through. Nothing to say more, I met an good and competent partner for our company and I recommended to develop further ideas together.

Andreas Scharf
Group marketing director


I am thrilled by the professionalism, the contagious positive energy from Milica and her team, fantastic creative ideas, as well as the speed of communication and realisation of surprises. On the other hand, my husband, who got the surprise as an anniversary present, still can’t recover from his surprise. We made him cry more than once during that day. Since the surprise lasted until late hours, in the end he asked if it was finished already 🙂 because he couldn’t handle another avalanche of presents and emotions 🙂

Dear Milica, your team trully deserves to be called perfect and we hope you will continue to walk down that path. See you again for sure!


Dear children, I don’t know what to say, I am breathless, my heart stopped for the moment of all the attention and care, I have no words to describe everything, tears of joy are flowing with no control, saying thank you is not nearly enough, I love you to the Moon and back!

Happy mom and daughter from Greece