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When you know the date of the event in advance (e.g. birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, retirement, company celebrations, moving in/moving away) it is optimal to contact Perfect Surprise two weeks in advance.

It is advisable to contact us even earlier if it is holiday season (New Year, Valentine’s Day, March 8, Newlyweds Festivity, September 1).

When it comes to the event that is not fixed and you can’t be sure when it is going to happen (e.g. proposal, apology/reconciliation, bachelorette party/bachelor party, surprise for new mother, pregnancy announcement, graduation), it is advisable to call us two weeks before the first possible date of the event.

Perfect Surprise offers you Emergency Aid Package which is perfect when you have five days left until the event.

The most correct answer is – we don’t know :). There are no ready-made solutions or ready-made gifts in Perfect Surprise. We don’t know what we will design for the person we are preparing the surprise for until you fill out the questionnaire (or give us information about him/her some other way). When we get the information, our creative team starts working and every gift is prepared in accordance with the wishes, habits, hobbies and all the preferences of the person we are making surprise for.

All our gifts are personalized and you shouldn’t expect classic boxes of chocolates, drinks and flowers. Every part of surprise is tailored for your beloved.

The gifts are not only material gifts, i.e. physical gifts. And besides that, our surprises include experiences, memories, activities, etc. If you want to see how some of our surprises look like, you can look at How Surprises Look Like section.

There are two surprises in Mini Package, four surprises in a Standard Package and seven different surprises in a Premium Package. It means that your beloved will get all two, four or seven gifts. We want to emphasize that gifts are not only material gifts; they can include experiences, memories, activities…

It is possible to reduce and increase the number of surprises in the following way:

Reducing the Number of Surprises

When we send you Surprise Chest (PDF document containing all the details of each surprise with prices, photos, detailed description and manufacturer’s name), you can change or remove one or two surprises (depending on whether you have chosen the Standard or Premium Package). If you want to replace a surprise, we will design another one of the same value. If you want to remove it and don’t want to replace it, the number of surprises will be reduced.

Increasing the Number of Surprises

If you want one, two or more additional surprises in your package, it is also possible. The so called “Upgrade”, i.e. package upgrading is proportional to the number of surprises you want to add.

Every surprise is different. We can start planning when we get information about person we create surprise for and when the client tells us what he wants to achieve by this surprise or what surprise style he/she wants. Some examples of romantic, kids’ and business surprises you can see in How Surprises Look Like section.

You will give us your instructions by filling out the questionnaire. You will certainly inform us if you want the surprise to be in certain style and whether there is something that absolutely should be part of the surprise or something that should not be part of the surprise. We will certainly follow your suggestions.

You can pay for Perfect Surprise service in two installments. Payment is made to the account of the company, as specified in the invoice and you can make electronic payment or you can pay at post office or bank.

You should pay for the first part of our service after you fill out the questionnaire, before we send you Surprise Chest (PDF document containing all the details of each surprise including detailed description, prices, manufacturer’s name and photos).

You should pay for the second part of our service no later than seven days before the event we organize for you (the date we deliver the surprise). You also have to pay at least seven days before the event for all the gifts contained in your surprise (except specific gifts with different order specifications).

Perfect Surprise works on the whole territory of Serbia. So, it is possible to order surprise to be delivered at any part of the country. The price for Perfect Surprise services out of Belgrade is 70 EUR higher for every 100 kilometers because our team has to come to the location twice (first time when designing the surprise and second time for the delivery, i.e. the realization of surprise).

The price of the gift is not increased depending on the location where the surprise is realized, unless it is a gift which needs special transport (animals, foods that spoil easily, extra fragile things etc).

Perfect surprise also sends shipments abroad. Delivery price depends on the where the surprise is delivered, we can not guarantee the correct delivery time due to customs clearance, as well as the amount of the custom tax.

Perfect Surprise will pay for all the gifts instead of you, so you have to pay for them when we purchase them, which is at least seven days before the event. It is important for you to know that Perfect Surprise does not raise gift prices and doesn’t make profit from gifts. We present the actual prices to you – the actual cost of gifts.

Perfect Surprise offers you “Secret Agent” option which means that we do everything (surprise design, purchasing gifts and services, wrapping, packing, writing messages, delivery) and you take all the credits. Therefore, your beloved will think you have done it without help (In that case, we suggest you personally sign the card message or deliver the gift personally). PS charges an extra fee for secret agent service and it increases price of chosen package by 25%.

We don’t reveal the names of our clients and we keep all information you gave us private. Even if your beloved contacts us, we are not going to reveal any information to him/her.

Perfect Surprise offers four kinds of Surprise Vouchers – Surprise Voucher, Secret Surprise Voucher, Business Surprise Voucher and Super Secret Surprise Voucher. Each of them can function in a different way depending on your needs. The voucher can be delivered by you or by us. The voucher can have your name on it or you can act as secret admirer. For more details, look at surprise-types/surprise-vouchers

This has not happened yet, but certainly there is a possibility that you don’t like our idea of gift, service or experience we have designed for your beloved. You might think that she/he will not like a surprise or that surprise is not appropriate for the situation.

It is therefore very important to fill out the questionnaire in detail and give us as much information as possible, so we can create surprise which is completely tailored for the person’s character.

You can also request the change or replacement of one or two surprises, depending on whether you have chosen the Standard or Premium Package. We are bound to replace the surprise by another in accordance with your instructions.

Perfect Surprise works closely with its clients to find the best solution. If you paid half of the price for Perfect Surprise service, got Surprise Chest (PDF document with all the details of the surprise, with photos, prices, manufacturer’s name and detailed description) and then you definitely canceled the surprise, Perfect Surprise keeps the money you have paid. In this case, you don’t pay the price of the gift and the other half of the price of Perfect Surprise service.

If you paid the first half of the price and then had to postpone your surprise for a short period of time (illness, extreme weather, graduation is postponed due to the last exam etc.), Perfect Surprise will accommodate your needs. As long as we can guarantee your gift price (which depends on the supplier), we will be glad to organize your surprise at some other time. Needless to say, we will coordinate and agree. Detailed information can be found in our board’s business rules.

That is not a problem. We have defined more than forty different surprises, which are also occasions, and you can see them in the Types of Surprises section.

You can also look at our Calendar, because for us every day is occasion for a surprise. It is real cradle of occasions and we believe that you will find what you are looking for.

Our favorite surprises are surprises without a cause. It is so beautiful Every day of life is special enough to be an occasion for us to tell each other that we love each other, that we think about each other and that we wish all the best! Perfect Surprise is the best way to do it, isn’t it?

The client who orders an unknown surprise doesn’t know what will be the surprise. At same time, the client is the person we are creating surprise for.

You can order unknown surprise for yourself, for you and person you like (romantic couple, friends, etc.) or for the whole family.

After you fill out our questionnaire, our team designs a surprise and guarantees you the following: you will be safe, you will enjoy it and you will be smiling; and you will push beyond your limits a little, if we conclude you are ready for it, based on your questionnaire.

It is important for you to know that unknown surprises never contain inconveniences and frightening surprises. We always want you to enjoy it. You can look for more details on surprise-types/unknown-surprises

Perfect Surprise will help you. This usually happens in two situations – when you do not know a person very well or when the surprise is organized in tense situation (after a quarrel or something like that).

One option is to deliver it to the person like a surprise from secret admirer. You can decide whether your identity will be kept secret until the end of surprise, or you want us to reveal it at some point to your beloved.

The other option is to create surprise that will happen in stages and slowly thaw the frozen hart of your beloved. She/he will hardly be able to remain indifferent at the third stage, and we can design surprise that gradually “reaches new heights”…

It is not a problem. Call us and we will give you instructions for payment to our foreign currency account and organize everything as if you were here. We can arrange everything by email, Viber or by phone call.

Our promotional pricing was valid at the very beginning of developing Perfect Surprise concept; current offer is available on our site.