How Perfect Surprises look?

We reveal how one surprise gift package for teen birthday looked like…


Kids’, Birthday, Standard Package

A mom named Sanja, who wanted her daughters to have a surprise for her birthday, called Perfect surprise. The girl had grown out of playrooms, and gathering at home also became boring, so Mom wanted something new that would delight her favourite girl.

Here’s what we found out:

Little Ljubica is 12 years old. He goes to VI grade, she is a great student and she loves Serbian, and she studies both Russian and English
She is smart, stubborn, witty, talkative, social, creative, optimistic and compassionate and hangs on Viber non-stop
She can’t live without animals and music, she wants to have a dog
She loves the series “Game of Thrones” and “Star Wars”
Her favorite book is “Online Girl” and she likes to read
Her favorite colour is purple
She likes the song “Just Like Fire” – she listens to this song all the time
She likes to play soccer, but the family has not supported her in this idea so far
She enjoys gnocchi, Kinder Bueno, Kinder eggs and strawberry juice
She loves orange scent, her favourite flowers are violets
Her favourite character from the movies is unicorn Oliver

Mom had these demands:

The total budget for the surprise is up to 400 EUR (260 EUR of Perfect Surprise for Standard Package and 140 EUR for gifts)
It should be fun
It should be clear that the surprise is from her mother
It should happen in the morning

Spying Ljubica on social networks, we learned the following:

She recently got a new mobile and wants a new cover for it
She likes Jedi from the Star Wars series, and loves the 7th episode
Her favourite character from “Games of the Throne” is Kalisi
Ljubica’s nickname is Lane (and she loves it)
She supports OFK Belgrade football club
She loves to read the horoscope

Mom received a Surprise chest (PDF document to her e-mail). Since Mum chose the Standard Package, she has the option to change one surprise. The below-mentioned gift prices are exactly the ones determined by the supplier (Perfect surprise does not raise the cost of the gift and does not earn on them). As Mom liked all the elements and did not want to change anything, Ljubica was given exactly the presents presented in this Surprise chest.

Surprise Chest for Ljubica Petrovic


Ljubica’s surprise begins on April 4th when she wakes up (the time is specified in coordination with Mom). From a Perfect Surprise agent, Ljubica gets a Viber Messages – a link to the song “Just Like Fire” from You Tube and the following message: Ljubice, your mom wishes you all the best on this special day. She loves you so much that she allowed you to play this song all day today, as many times as you wish! As for the rest of your birthday giftss look them up when you hear the doorbel … “

On apartment door, a Perfect Surprise agent leaves a large box wrapped into decorative paper and tied in a long chain locked by a padlock. The box contains all the presents which are part of Ljubica’s surprise, each packed individually, and then placed in a treasure chest. The agent will ring and hide, and the householders will let Ljubica open the door.

Ljubica’s package contains the following four surprises:

1. “A chest of treasures”, wrapped in a chain and locked, with an attached bouquet of violets, a letter and a task to be solved to find the key to the padlock
2. Personalised cake in the sign of Kinder Bueno candy and Imagine Dragons
3. “Film package” featuring: a framed photo with the title: Ljubice, Your Empire Needs You, an A5 agenda with a Jedi symbol, the Star Wars episode 7 and a personalised phone cover with the character Kalisi from Game of Thrones, with the inscription: Lane
4. A football and a voucher for watching three matches where OFK Belgrade plays as a host (one with Mom and two with her friends)

The price of wrapping and delivery is included in the final price.

Our company rule is that every time we celebrate a child’s birthday, the Mom needs to receive a present as well. We believe this to be the most important day in their lives, the day they did a great deed and they deserve a little attention too. What Mom Sanja received from us, remains a secret… Suffice to say, she called several times to say thanks 🙂

Details of each individual surprise, including prices:


Wrapped in a chain, locked in a padlock, with a letter, a task and a bouquet of violets.

At the door, there is a large package wraped in purple paper, bound with a chain and locked padlock. The key is out of sight, and on top there is a bouquet of violets and an attached envelope with her name, in which the following elements are hidden:


“Dear Ljubice,
Happy birthday!
This year you have to go in search of treasure to get to your gifts …
To find the key from the suitcase with the treasure, you have to solve the puzzle that was put in your envelope. You need your knowledge of the Serbian language and the numerous books you read, which I know is great and will surely help you in come to the key. If you wish, you can ask for help from friends, teachers, or family members.
I wish you a wonderful day and a successful hunt!
I love you


As Ljubica is a great book lover and likes “Online Girl”, domestic literature and books of the “Game of Thrones” series, the task contains passages from these novels. Questions are asked who is the author of each of the passages, and the first letters of their names provide the solution (in Serbian). Below her doormat, Ljubica finds a key that opens a padlock and gets to the gifts …

Photos shown are for illustration purposes. Price includes bouquet of violets, box, wrapping paper, chain, padlock, letter and riddle.
Price: 26 EUR


In the flavour of Kinder Bueno sweets, with the sign OFK Belgrade, unicorn Oliver.

Inside the treasure chest, there are 3 large boxes, each packed separately. The first box contains a cake with Kinder Bueno sweets, a 3D image of Unicorn Oliver, the logo of the OFK Belgrade Football Club and the inscription Ljubica with the number 12.
Cake flavour: Kinder Bueno

The photo shown is an example; actual cake contains all the personalized details. The price includes 1.5 kg cake with candies and other personalized decoration.
Price: 35 EUR


The package contains a framed photo with the inscription: “Ljubice, Your Epire Needs You”, A5 notebook with Jedi Symbol, Star Wars Episode 7, a silicone phone cover with the character Kalisi from “Game of Throunes” and the inscription: Lane

Photos shown are for illustration purposes, final products are personalized. Price includes all four “movie” gifts.
Price: 35 EUR


The package is a football Adidas, 3 vouchers for watching matches where OFK Belgrade plays as host (one with Mom and two with friends). Vouchers have logo OFK Belgrade and text:

Voucher includes: Mom’s company for watching one match at the OFK Stadium in Belgrade
Spectators:Mom and Ljubica
Location: OFK Belgrade
Guest: Whoever Ljubica chooses
Date: Upon agreement
The voucher must be used within a year.

The remaining two vouchers carry the same text, but instead of Mom, empty space is left so Ljubica can add the name of the person she wants to take.

Price includes football, three vouchers and branded envelope.
Price: 44 EUR

This is the photo of actual football.

Total price of the gift 140 EUR
Package price 260 EUR

Mom Sanja really liked our proposal for the birthday surprise. Ljubica received 4 perfecly designed gifts. Happiness, kisses and smiles were all over the place!

This is what one of our surprises looks like. Yours will look completely different, depending on what kind of person we are preparing the gifts for. There are no ready-made gifts, solutions and ideas. Everything is created for you!

Let us know who to make happy on your behalf 😉