Our surprise events will take your breath away…

Our team will create memorable celebration that neither celebrator nor the guests will forget.

We will create for you a memorable celebration lasting two (2) to four hours (4), with its every segment tailored to celebrator’s wishes and favorites. After you fill out questionnaire so we “get to know” celebrator, our team will create Surprise Chest. It will contain details of all the elements we designed to make celebration perfect: how we plan to invite guests (and celebrator), location of celebration (and whether you get there in an interesting way), space decoration, how the ambience fit in the whole concept of surprise, how and when the gifts will be given so that everyone will be delighted. If you wish, we can also provide transport, catering, music, photography services and many unique activities tailored to the age, preferences, wishes and dreams of the celebrator.




potraga-za-blagomRegardless of celebrator’s age, Perfect Surprise will organize memorable celebration. Fill out the questionnaire for adults or kids and leave complete design and organization of event, as well as purchase of gifts, to us. Check out an example of a treasure hunt we organised.

Perfect Surprise service includes:


1. Creation and organization of celebration lasting two (2) to four hours (4) – for adults and kids;
2. Creation of celebration concept that is completely personalized for celebrator;
3. Proposal for all elements of the surprise (location, decoration, activities);
4. Design of completely personalized gift for celebrator;
5. Creative inviting (videos, presentations, secret messages, riddles);
6. Support of Perfect Surprise agent during the event at the location;
7. Putting together Surprise Chest (PDF document we mail to you) containing all the details of each surprise (detailed description of the whole event, as well as dimensions, color, material and weight of the gift, description of personalization of the gift, description of gift wrapping, photos of gift and prices of each present or service);
8. Consultations with the client if he/she wants us to make some changes to the surprises designed by our creative team;
9. Work with suppliers regarding order, creating, personalization and delivery of all the gifts;
10. Wrapping and branding (if you wish) of all the gifts;
11. Design of interesting and creative gifts for guests- if needed;
12. Taking photos of all the gifts before and after wrapping and sending the photos to the client to have a look.

Perfect Surprise service price does not include: your additional requests, space rental (children’s entertainment center or event space rental), price of the present (e.g. perfume, balloons, toy, etc.) and price of the service (e.g. dinner, boat rental).

We can also offer you following services:

Transportation in a branded vehicle of the Perfect Surprise (Nissan Note) for one (1) to four (4) people (up to 40 km, up to 4 hours – 55 EUR) and
taking pictures (up to 2 hours – 110 EUR).

What is the price of the present?


The gift price is added to the price of Perfect Surprise Package you have chosen (Standard, Premium or Emergency Aid). You set up the budget for gifts and we are bound to take care that the cost of all the surprises i.e. gifts for your beloved does not exceed your budget. The only limitation is minimum cost – minimum gift budget for Standard Package is 105 EUR, i.e. 175 EUR for Premium Package.

If your total budget for the surprise is e.g. 350 EUR and you have chosen Standard Package (that costs 220 EUR), we will design and realize surprise with present pricing less than 330 EUR (e.g. photo puzzle+boat ride+riddle poem+set of personalized plates+…)

What else I should know?


The mentioned package price is valid for the surprise organization on the territory of Belgrade (city and suburban municipalities). The price for services out of Belgrade is 70 EUR higher for every 100 kilometers because our team has to come to the location twice (first time in the process of designing the surprise and second time for the realization). Location of the surprise and distance from Belgrade have no impact on the price of the present you choose (price is not higher).

All the prices are gross prices. You need to pay minimum 50% of the invoice amount in order to get by mail surprise package personalized for you and and your loved one.

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