Each of our surprise packages is unique and contains a combination of material gifts and experiences

This is how Perfect surprise works:


1. Questionnaire

Fill in our questionnaire so we can meet the person receiving the surprise and let us know your budget for presents.


2. Surprise chest

You get an email with a PDF document containing all the ideas and details of the surprise. After your approval, we proceed with purchasing, personalisation, photographing, wrapping…


3. Realisation

We organise everyting turnkey. You choose the time and place for the delivery.

You determine your budget for the presents. The fixed part is the agency fee, which depends on the package you choose. The price of our fee doesn’t change depending on your budgets for presents. Also, it’s our company policy not to raise prices of the gifts. You will be charged their commercial value.




Creation of 2 different surprises

Minimum budget for presents is 55 eur



Creation of 4 different surprises

Minimum budget for presents is 105

You can change one gift



Creation of 4 different surprises

Minimum budget for gifts is 175 eur

You can change two gifts



Chosen package + 25%

All credits go to yo, we never existed



Chosen package + 40%

Perfect when you have <5 days till the event

Each of our packages must contain a combination of material gifts and experiences!

Perfect Surprise service includes:


design of two, four or seven, completely personalized surprises (surprises can include material gifts, services, experiences etc), full personalised for your loved one, after you fill in our questionnaire.

putting together Surprise Chest (it is PDF document we mail to you) containing the details of each surprise (detailed description, dimensions, color, material, weight, description of personalization, description of gift wrapping, photo/photos of the gift and price of each present or service);

consultations with gift giver if he/she wants to make some changes to the surprises designed by our creative team;

work with suppliers regarding order, creating, personalization and delivery of all the gifts;
wrapping and branding (if you wish) of all the gifts;

taking photos of all the gifts before and after wrapping and sending the photos to the gift giver to have a look;

delivery of Surprise Package to the agreed location in the agreed time and in a way that is agreed with the client.

The package price does not include your additional requests, the price of a present (e.g. perfume, toy etc) and services (e.g. dinner, renting a boat).

What’s in the presents?


Our most honest answer is – we don’t know. Until you fill in the questionnaire, we are in the dark.

Our agency does not have a stock of 100 products of which we will give 2 to you, 4 to someone else, etc.

First we must meet the person we are meant to surprise. After that, our creative team works their magic to create a concept that will make him/her happy, something that adds up for the occasion and reflects your relationship. Most of the things we include in our package are not already made, we make ways to create them or we hire some of the 500 suppliers in our database.

We know it’s sometimes hard to opt for such a present. If you look for something standard, that you can picture in advance and easily find, this is probably not the agency for you. However, if you wish to have a memorable gifts that leave people breathless and are the talk of the town for days, you need Perfect Surprise.

To help you realise how speciel our presents are, here are some examples:

  • For a passionate book reader, we created and printed a single copy personalised book with him as the main character; for a girl who loves to sleep and dreams about Jon Bon Jovi (and she recently got out of a relationship) we made a pyjama with his portrait and a message: When you wish to wake up next to a real man…
  • For a geography professor who loves plants and is very sad because her daughter left Serbia, we made a pot with decoupage of the two countries kissing and a writing saying: Mom, whenever you water this plant, know that I’m thinking of you!
  • For a girl’s 18th birthday, and who is a real adventurist, we created a day full of excitement and adrenalin – from horse riding, to shooting in forest combat, to an offroad adventure and a photoshop of some very special moments
  • For a man dreaming about becoming ship captain, we created a fully personalised sea surprise with a wooden maquete he needed to compile and discover the title (personalised for him only)
  • For parents who are big fans of quizes, we created a quiz just for them, whose final solution was letting them know they received a surprise trip to the destination of their dreams

And so on… So, there are no universal solutions, everybody gets precisely what makes them happy, all within your designated budget!


What is the Surprise Chest?


It’s a PDF file we email you, with all the details in regards to the surprise: detailed description, size, colour, material, weight, description of the personalisation, the wrapping, photos of the gifts, prices, etc.

You can check out an example for a very big surprise here. Yours will look cmpletely different, since each person is different and your budget will also probably vary.

We send you this PDF after you pay 50% of our agency fee. If there are any changes, we update the surprise chest and once the final version is agreed upon, you pay the remaining 50% and the price of the gifts.


How does payment work?


  1. We send an invoice for our agency fee (in RSD if you are Serbia-based or EUR if you are abroad)
    Example: Mini package 140 eur
  2. You pay 50% of our agency fee – 70 eur
  3. We send the Surprise chest with all the details
    Once we agree on the final version, we send the invoice for the gifts. For example, 150 eur.
  4. You pay this invoice and the remaining agency fee – 70 eur
  5. We order the gifts and we execute the surprise

On this example, the total cost of your surprise is 140 eur agency fee + 150 eur gifts = 290 eur.


What is the price of the present?


The gift price is added to the price of Perfect Surprise Package you have chosen (Mini, Standard, Premium or Urgent help). You set up the budget for gifts and we are bound to take care that the cost of all the surprises i.e. gifts for your beloved does not exceed your budget. The only limitation is minimum cost – minimum gift budget for Mini Package is 55 EUR, Standard Package is 105 EUR, i.e. 175 EUR for Premium Package. These limits are in place because our experience shows it’s nearly impossible to personalise anything for less than 25 EUR.


What else I should know?


The mentioned package price is valid for the surprise organization on the territory of Belgrade (city and suburban municipalities). The price for services out of Belgrade is 70 EUR higher for every 100 kilometers because our team has to come to the location twice (first time in the process of designing the surprise and second time for the realization). Location of the surprise and distance from Belgrade have no impact on the price of the present you choose (price is not higher).

If the presents can be shipped via a carrier, our agents don’t have to deliver them so you have no extra expences for deliveries outside Belgrade area, you only pay for the carrier service (from 2 to 10 eur, depending on the size, weight and the location). If you wish for us to send the package out of Belgrade, please indicate it within the questionnaire.
All out terms & conditions can be found here.

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