How Unknown Surprises work?

You will be safe and happy…that is all you need to know…

If you want to surprise yourself, the procedure is as follows: Fill out our questionnaire or call us and answer several questions. The purpose of this is to get information what kind of person you are, how much time you have, what you enjoy doing and what you dislike doing, what is your taste. (It is certainly not the goal to send claustrophobic person to research underground caves.) According to your instructions, we will organize surprise you have never even dreamed of and you will not know anything about it until very last moment… Exciting, isn’t it? Are you brave enough for it? We promise you that you will be safe and satisfied…you should make pleasure to yourself.

We also organize unknown surprises for two. It functions just like surprise for one person; we just need two sets of data. This can be one romantic couple, parent and a child, sisters, best men, colleagues… Impressions after surprises you experienced together are unbelievable! That will bring you closer, make you more familiar, make you laugh and enjoy it together…

Unknown surprises for kids imply that kids do not know what is being prepared. Give us information about their age and wishes and we will make them feel as if they fell into the most interesting movie. Their happiness will be endless.

If you want to go on a trip, but you do not want to do the planning and you don’t have time to prepare and research location you are interested in, we can also organize it for you. We will let you know in time what to pack and what can be expected on this destination, and the rest is surprise. You can combine unknown surprises for two and for kids and start real family adventure…

Choose your Unknown Surprise:



Did you watch movie “The Game”? We will be considerably softer, but the essence is that everything you can expect is – completely unexpected.

Who says that someone else has to buy you gifts, cuddle you, and organize crazy surprises for you? Buy yourself a Perfect Surprise and enjoy yourself. The only rule is that you will not know anything about surprise until it starts … Are you brave enough for this?

suprise for friends


If you’re looking for the perfect fun with your friends, whether it’s two girl friends, a large group of boys, or a mixed group of people seeking adventures, we recommend you try out our Unknown surprise for friends. You just need to tell us how many people are up for the adventure, how much time you have, what you like/don’t like and we will take care of everything…
Whether you want a crazy night out, a one-day trip out of town or something completely different, we will come up with all the elements. You just sit back and enjoy the surprises!



You think how to bring the spark back to your relationship? We truly recommend the Perfect Surprise for Two.

Fill out our questionnaire and be prepared for something you have not even dreamed of…



We recommend Unknown Family Surprise like a real “team building”. You can choose shorter (one day) option or spend a weekend or short holiday enjoying surprise.

Everything is organized with the aim of enabling you to hang out together, have fun, commit to each other and bond.

You can contact us to find out about all the details.