Perfect Surprise has no already-made solutions!

Each gift is created personally for your loving person and you. Here is how the magic flows…

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You probably know the idiom “Don’t kiss and tell”. We appreciate the confidence that our clients have placed in us and that is why we cannot always display publicly surprises we prepared. Sometimes people are shy, sometimes they simply want to keep their unique gift private and sometimes their relationship is too complicated to be disclosed…

However, some of our clients gave us their consent for publication of some surprises we prepared. Here are three examples of Surprise Chest, document that our clients receive when we design surprise, but before we start realization of the surprise. After taking a look at document, the client has the right to change one or two surprises, but we are proud that so far all of our clients were satisfied and none of our ideas were changed.

If you ask us what surprise package, designed for you, will contain, the accurate answer will be – we don’t know. Each of our gifts is specially designed for the person whom we “get to know” after you fill out the Questionnaire about her/him. You should tell us what kind of person he/she is, what your budget is and occasion for the surprise and we will send you our gift and surprise proposal. Everyone is unique, so there are no two identical packages… Your package will be unique and unrepeatable. No one has ever got such a gift before, and no one will get such a package in the future. We can prepare birthday gift or even organize birthday celebration, but always
with personal touch…

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